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1. Gratuities must be paid in cash for all industries in which tipping is customary. Restaurant gratuities shall be a minimum of eighteen percent (18%) of the total charge. If the Client feels that the service does not warrant a gratuity, a complaint must be registered immediately with the establishment's management.

2. Merchandise items sold by BB when acting as the seller may be returned within seventy-two (72) hours from the time of purchase for a refund only if returned in salable condition. Evidence of use or abuse will negate this return privilege. No items may be returned, exchanged or refunded if sold “as is” or by BB at an auction.

3. On all merchandise owned and sold directly by BB, the sale and exclusive warranty made by BB is that it has free and clear title to such merchandise, unless otherwise specified. Merchandise is sold “as is/location” and the buyer shall look solely to the manufacturer of such merchandise for any warranty. Clients must exercise the same diligence in trade transactions that they do in cash transactions.

4. Contact with other Better Barter clients must be as indicated in the BB Client Directory. Initiating direct contact with a client listed as broker only may result in cancellation.

5. It is the seller’s responsibility to verify that a BB identification card is presented prior to processing each transaction and to verify that the card is valid and displays an expiration date that indicates the card is current. It is the seller’s responsibility to obtain other proof of identification, such as a Driver’s License or Passport to ensure Identity of the purchaser.

6. It is the seller’s responsibility to obtain authorization approval for each sale transaction through BB.

7. Clients must immediately advise BB of lost or stolen identification cards. Clients providing verbal notification will be requested to provide timely written notification as well. In instances where any Client requests that an authorized card user be removed from authorized status, the Client must notify BB in the same manner as if the card were lost or stolen. Upon notice of any lost or stolen card, BB will assign a new account number to Client and issue new cards for the account.

8. On all transaction slips, the buyer’s signature is required. This functions as a request for BB to transfer the amount of the transaction to the seller’s account. It is the Seller’s responsibility to retain a copy of the transaction slip, or other form of signed documentation, as proof the buyer authorized the transaction. If any buyer disputes the validity of a transaction and the seller is unable to furnish a signed authorization from the buyer, the transaction may be reversed. If the Seller’s account has insufficient trade dollars at the time of a reversal, the seller may be liable for civil or criminal penalties.

9. Once an authorization number has been given, any dispute, modification or reversal of the transaction corresponding to that authorization number can only be accomplished by calling your local Better Barter office. Each dispute requires that the Client originating the complaint follow up to provide a written explanation of the basis of his dispute.

10. The following procedures apply to transactions involving special orders, construction jobs, service work, or other work-in-progress transactions:

a. Buyer should obtain a written estimate before authorizing work to begin.

b. To reserve trade dollars from the buyer until the job is completed or the special order item is received, the seller must contact the Better Barter office for an escrow authorization to request that the appropriate amount of buyer’s funds be placed in escrow. Upon completion of the work-in-progress transaction, the transaction slip should be dated, signed by the buyer, and submitted by the seller to the Better Barter office for processing.

11. A cash brokerage fee according to the current applicable Client account option shall be paid to BB by the buyer on all sales & purchases. Brokerage fees are billed on the monthly statements and are delinquent thirty (30) days after the date of the statement. Clients may choose to make payments on their account by participating in the Auto Pay program or by making payments online at Any delinquent brokerage or monthly service fees will be assessed a late penalty of $20.00

12. A monthly service fee of ten dollars ($10.00) in cash and (T10.00) trade is assessed on each monthly statement. This fee covers accounting and administrative charges for the monthly period (or any portion thereof), beginning immediately after the month in which it is billed. This monthly service fee is due and payable within the ensuing thirty (30) days from the date of the statement and failure to pay will result in a late penalty as specified in Number Eleven (11) above. This monthly service fee shall remain in effect for the entire length of time that Client maintains an account with BB.

13. Any account not paid in full within thirty (30) days from the date of the statement will be classified as “Restricted.” This means the account will have all purchasing privileges suspended until all fees, including the late charges, are paid.

14. Any account remaining Restricted for thirty (30) days will be classified as “Pending Cancellation.” If any account is not paid in full after a total of ninety (90) days from the initial statement date, the account shall be cancelled. Cancellation for the reason of nonpayment of fees will result in forfeiture of any and all accumulated trade credits and may also result in a civil action for recovery of any debit balances outstanding. Reinstatement will be at the discretion of the screening committee with recommendation from the broker servicing the account. If reinstatement is approved, it will become effective only after payment of one hundred ($100.00) dollar reinstatement fees, payment of any past due cash fees, as well as prepayment of the brokerage fees on the existing trade balance.

15. In the event this agreement is cancelled by either party for any reason other than nonpayment of fees, Client agrees to pay in cash, within thirty (30) days from notice of cancellation date, an amount equal to the Client’s current applicable brokerage rate of the total remaining balance in Client’s account with BB. Upon receipt of this payment, BB will establish a special “Spend-out Account”, which will be free of additional charges other than the usual monthly service fees and any special events requiring an attendance fee.

16. BB shall charge the maker of a bad check a service charge of five percent of the amount of the check or twenty-five ($25.00) dollars, whichever is greater, pursuant to O.C.G.A. section 13-6-15(a) It is a criminal offense to write a bad check, and the law provides that if you fail to make good on the check, BB is entitled to additional damages of double the amount owing, not to exceed five hundred ($500.00) dollars, plus our costs. Purchasing privileges shall be suspended until full restitution is made. If a total of two (2) payments are returned for any reason, BB may cancel the Client’s account.

17. Clients who are on “Stand-by” status currently are not accepting trade business. Clients may voluntarily elect this status at any time; however, monthly service fees will continue to be charged. This status is appropriate when the business owner is on vacation or when resources temporarily prohibit additional trading. Clients may not request “Stand-by” status if their account balance is deficit.

18. BB at its sole discretion will determine whether a Client’s name is published in any directories, newsletters, or other publications of BB.

19. BB reserves the right to publish the name(s) of any Client cancelled by BB, and reasons of cancellation to its entire client base.

20. BB reserves the right to use Client’s proprietary marks for the sole purpose of marketing Client’s business within the BB trading network.

21. Clients that elect to have their fees paid via Auto Pay, will have a withdraw that occurs on the tenth (10th) of each month for the previous month(s) cash balance due. Any return payments from Client’s financial institution will be assessed a twenty-five ($25.00) dollar Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fee.

22. To cancel Auto Pay, Client understands they are required to provide written notice to Better Barter: (Attention Auto: 4599 Hwy 394 #3 Bluff City, TN 37618). Better Barter must receive a ten (10) day written notification prior to implementing a change or termination of Auto Pay.