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Trading Guidelines

  1. Take trade the way that you want to spend trade.
  2. If you make money on it you are supposed to trade it.
  3. Always Tip in Cash and use the Tip Policy Better Barter provides.
  4. Contact our office BEFORE initiating Stand by Status.
  5. NO Price Gouging and NO Discounting. Regular prices, sales price may not apply.
  6. Always get multiple Quotes on contract work. (Trade & Cash)
  7. Always identify yourself as a Better Barter member at the initial contact.
  8. If a trade is cost prohibited contact our office.
  9. Respect the Broker Managed Status of accounts. Do not contact member directly, Contact your Broker for Services. This allows wait time & service availability to be managed fairly.
  10. Always ask for the contact person listed by Better Barter.
  11. Always ask about Cancellation Policies for all appointments (charges may apply for missed appointments or late cancellations.)
  12. Keep Account Cardholders & Account Affiliates informed of any policies in place or changes in Better Barter policy
  13. Post Transactions in a timely manner. Treat Transactions like Cash or Card Payments. Transactions over 45 days old may not be honored/processed IF an account is closed or has insufficient funds. Contact the Better Barter office for assistance processing transactions.
  14. Formal Requests for Products & Service should ONLY be made when trade balance is available and you are ready to proceed with completing transaction.
  15. Do Not Assume a Barter Member is Active & Accepting Trade. Check Website, Mobile App or Contact Better Barter to Verify Active Members.
  16. Travel Requests All Travel Requests must be placed through Travel Requests will be declined if you have cash fees past due or insufficient Barter Credit. A Credit Card will be required before booking will be completed. This will be held on file for additional cleaning & damage fees that may be charged by the property owners after checkout. Contact our office at least 2 weeks in advance for travel.

Acceptance of Terms

The above named business entity hereby applies to become a Client of Better Barter Inc. By checking this box you acknowledge and accept the Better Barter Terms and Conditions and Rules and Regulations in its entirety. 

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